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Curdoruy Pants by Insakura

Corduroy Pants

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Dive into our Corduroy pants collection, blending Japanese street culture with modern elegance. From Hirogi's tailored sizes to Yuki's baggy statement pieces, our pants promise style, comfort, and a dash of urban flair.
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Our swanky collection of Corduroy pants

Stylish, Snug, & So Japanese! Say hello to the Hirogi and Yuki, the dream duo that's about to jazz up your wardrobe. Our mens corduroy pants, available in shades like chic black and cool blue, merge the essence of Japanese street culture with modern vibes. Fancy a stroll downtown or a snazzy dinner date? Our brown corduroy pants mens collection has got your back, ensuring you always step out in style. For those who prefer a lighter hue, our cream corduroy pants are the perfect pick. Dive into the world of Hirogi, where sizes meet Japanese standards, so remember to size up!

Baggy is the New Cool! Ready to rock the streets? With the Yuki baggy corduroy pants, it's all about capturing urban flair and timeless elegance. They’re not just pants; they’re a statement, a movement, a trend-setter! Plus, with a hint for care, we got you covered to ensure they last long and look dapper.

Comfort Meets Class with Nagomi Blend in or stand out, our Nagomi Corduroy Pants are all about giving you the best of both worlds. Crafted with precision and exuding a touch of urban sophistication, these are perfect for the blokes ready to turn heads. And hey, manga lovers, guess what? This one's crafted just for you!

Fit, Fabric, & Fun Facts: Dive in for regular fit, drawstring waists, and the plush feel of 100% cotton. But, remember the golden rule: Japanese sizes can be sneaky; they run smaller. So, US Large pals, aim for that Japanese XXL. And yeah, gentle wash, no bleach, and air dry to keep 'em looking fresh!

Colors to Adore: Classic black or suave brown? Pick what tickles your fancy!

Stride in, style on, and let every step you take in our corduroy pants scream confidence, comfort, and charisma

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